nurse strike california 2015

18,000 Kaiser Nurses In California Going On Strike January 2015

nurse strike california 2015More than 18,000 nurses working in Kaiser hospitals and clinics in California are planning a strike on January 21-22, 2015. The plan for the two day northern and central California strike was announced by the California Nurse Association. Healthcare workers hitting the picket line in California is a fairly common event, but the magnitude of this strike is alarming.

With thousands of workers going on strike, the clinics and hospitals will not be able to function. It’s likely that some will attempt to stay open by hiring temporary nurses and “strike nurses”, but it’s unlikely that they will be able to locate anywhere near 18,000 for a two day period.

Their chief complaints are that:

  • Services have been slashed at the Kaiser facilities.
  • Many patients that need to remain in the hospital for treatments are being sent home early to save money.
  • There isn’t enough training, equipment or resources to properly treat their patients.

The nurse union in California is a powerful tool that is used in CA to influence medical facilities and the regulatory agencies. Their union is so strong that a mere threat of a strike can lead to rapid changes. It is unknown if this strike will occur in mere days, but looking at other similar actions in the area, it appears very likely. A similar strike occurred towards the end of 2014 in California over ebola measures.

Are you a nurse in California that works for Kaiser? Do you have any knowledge of this impending strike? We would love to hear from you for a better explanation of the reasoning behind it. We would also like to know what this will mean for the patients, both in the hospitals where they are residing, and in the clinics where they are seeking treatments. Your comment would be greatly appreciated.


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5 thoughts on “18,000 Kaiser Nurses In California Going On Strike January 2015

  1. Tilda Sartain

    I wish we had a union like that here. The hospitals in my state can get away with anything because we’re not unionized.

  2. Kellyann Vaccaro

    I’ve been thinking about getting my license in Cali forever just to work the strikes there. I have a friend thats a strike nurse in California and he makes a mint in just a few weeks. He can take off for 2 months if he wants to!


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