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2015 Top Ten Nursing Shoes

nurse shoes 2015 jokeI wanted to give you all a quick update on the most likely top ten nursing shoes for 2015, but it’s just impossible to keep this short! I will do my best though to be as concise as possible. Before we go over the best and most popular nurse’s shoes for 2015, we should at least explain why you need good shoes, what they will do for you, and some ideas on where to shop for them.

Why do you need good nurse shows? Because you stand on your feet for at least 12 hours a shift! I can’t think of any profession that walks around, runs around, and stands around on their feet for a good 12 hours straight like a nurse does. You are abusing the heck out of your feet. Without the proper foot attire you will be miserable! Your feet will ache, your back will hurt, and you will need to soak them in a hot bath for an hour when you get home. If you have good shoes that fit you correctly and support you like they should, your feet may still hurt after a long shift on the floor, but it will be better than it would be with bad shoes that are cheaply designed and do not fit!

What will good nurse’s shoes do for you? They will fit correctly. If your shoes are too narrow or not long enough, your back will be strained by trying to compensate. Good shoes for nurses will also be made of high quality products, so they will not get worn out after a month or so. If they stand up, you won’t need to keep buying new ones, or worse yet, wearing old shoes that are no longer proper. Good shoes will also absorb the shock on your feet while you are walking and running around the hospital.

Where should you shop for nursing footwear? You should buy everything you can online! Let’s face it, no local store can compete with online shopping. It’s easier, you can do it from home, and you are going to pay less for them. I shop for everything I can at places like Amazon and eBay. Why not get your nursing shoes from there too? If they don’t fit like you ant them to, just return them for another pair! Shopping online has just become way too convenient for everyone.

Now let’s talk about the top 10 best shoes for nurses in 2015. I’ll be brief, but I want to at least share a picture of each of them, along with an approximate price to compare them:


womens lightweight nursing clogs1- Women’s Lightweight Comfortable Nursing Clogs. OK, these are not the greatest shoes out there, but these extremely light clogs are so cheap that you can buy half a dozen of them for under $100! At under $12 a piece on Amazon, they are just a bargain. They come in black, brown, navy, pink and white. Surprising, even though they are amazingly cheap, they are actually well built and will stand up for you. Great shoes! Hint: buy a bit bigger than normal. For instance, if you wear an 8.5 normally, get a size 9.

cherokee womens exact clog nurse shoes2- Cherokee Women’s Exact Clog Nurse Shoes. Cherokee is a well known brand of shoes, and these nurse clogs made by them are awesome! They are light, as virtually all clogs are, and the style is impeccable. They come in numerous colors. The color shown here is “Hearts Gone Wild”, but they also have them in black, blue, butterfly, and much more. At only around $25 on Amazon, they are a bargain for 2015!

nurse mates dove slip on loafers3- Nurse Mates Dove Slip On Loafers. These shoes are classical elegance. They are available in black, white, metallic navy and white with blue or pink accents. Ate only $40 or so on Amazon, they are also another great value. A nurse we know has these exact shoes, works at east three shifts a week, and has had them for over 3 years! If that’s not an endorsement, I don’t know what is. The classical look, along with the lightweight design, is just hard to beat.

women's professional patent clogs by dansko4- Women’s Professional Patent Clog By Dansko. At around $80 to $150 on Amazon, these are not the cheapest nurse’s shoes for 2015, but there is a reason for their price. These are some serious high quality nurse clogs! They come in over 25 styles and colors, and each of them is like a piece of art! They are super easy to clean and a real joy on your feet. Hint: if you are going to buy shoes online to save money, a good idea is to try them on at a brick and mortar store first to compare them and get the correct size. Then just go online and order exactly what you want for a lot less!

nurse mates bryar slip on clogs5- Nurse Mates Bryar Slip-On Clogs. Another great pair of medical staff shoes for 2015 made by Nurse Mates! AT around $50 to $75 on Amazon, they are again not the cheapest, but they are made at a very high quality. They come in several colors including white, pewter, and artistic patterns. They feature a 2.25″ tall heel, slip resistance, patent leather, and have a stain resistant finish to make them easy to clean. We love the patterns they have!

skechers premium slip on sneakers6. Skechers Premium Slip-On Sneakers. It’s hard to beat a good, comfy pair of sneakers, right? These premium sneakers made by Skechers are perfect. The only down side is that their color options are limited to white and white with blue accents. At around $50 on Amazon, they are a bargain for 2015. It’s also hard to not love the idea of never having to tie your shoes again too! They also feature an EVA midsole with excellent shock absorption.

alegria women's donna clog7. Alegria Women’s Donna Clogs. ANother great pair of nurse’s clogs for 2015! They come in 8 artistic patterns/styles, and go for around $70 or so on Amazon. They are made specifically for anyone that spends a lot of time on their feet, which makes them perfect footwear for nursing! Hint: if you are buying these, know that they are a little bit wide. You will have plenty of room to wear thick socks with them, if you want to.

nurse mates boat shoes8. Nurse Mates Boat Shoes. For some reason Nurse Mates just keeps on making the perfect shoes for nurses! These boat shoes by them look and feel absolutely perfect for those of us that spend a lot of time on our feet. They are stain resistant, can easily be slipped on, and are constructed with a 4 ply pillow top insole. That means that they are very comfortable to wear. The only downside is that they only come in white, but that is the classical nurse color, right? Expect to spend around $60 to $80 on them at Amazon.

skechers mens keystone nurse sneakers9. Skechers Men’s Keystone Nurse Sneakers. Finally, we talk about some nursing shoes for men! It can be hard for a male nurse to find comfortable working shoes that have a classical and comfortable look to them. These are your shoes that you have been looking for! They only come in either white or black, and they go for around $50 or so on Amazon. They are OSHA compliant with a slip resistance, and they have a removable insole that you can easily replace.

women's neria work shoes croc10. Women’s Neria Work Shoes By Croc. If you have never worn a pair of Crocs, you should give them a try. These only come in expresso or black, and can be bought online for around $30 or so. They are soft, comfortable, lightweight and slip resistant. In other words, they are perfect shoes for nurses. They are designed to have a little extra room in the back so that your heel can move up and down while you are walking the floors.


There you have it. That’s our top 10 list of nurse’s shoes for 2015! Have you tried any of these? Do you have some better suggestions? We would really love to hear your thoughts! Just leave a comment below to join in on the conversation. Thank you for reading! :)


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