george tallThank you for visiting Hug Your Nurse! My name is George Tall, and I am the developer of this site that is about nurses, for nurses, and dedicated to nurses. In addition to being the developer, I am also the sole author of all of the content on this site.

I work in the legal field for a living, but I have been married to a RN for the last 25 years. My wife, Stacey, is the inspiration for this site. While I’m not a nurse, her experiences have rubbed off on me. While she went through nursing school, I felt like I was in nursing school. When she is stressed out at work, I’m stressed out. When she takes her continuing education tests on the last possible day every year, I’m right there with her taking them (literally). I may as well be a nurse!

We have always joked around about that. I like to pick on her and say that I could be a nurse and get by on the first night, just because of what I’ve learned from her. According to her, I wouldn’t have a prayer. According to me, I think I could wing it. I think I would do just fine, until I had to deal with some nasty body fluids and such!

I write for many sites, and truly enjoy doing so. If you have any news that you would love to know more about, as a nurse, please do not hesitate to contact me. I do my best to keep up with nursing news, but a nudge from you every now and then would be greatly appreciated!

This site is for all of you nurses, but most especially for my wife (Stacey). I admire you, look up to you, and am very proud of what you do.

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George Tall

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George Tall works in the legal field, is a father of three, and a husband of a RN for 25 years. He enjoys writing about everything, especially nursing! He has been writing for a living, at least partially, since around 2000. As an author on dozens of websites, he enjoys being factual, while spinning a bit of humor where possible.
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