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Annette Scott Named Ohio School Nurse of the Year

annette scott ohio school nurseCongratulations goes out to Annette Scott, named the Ohio school nurse of the year!

Working in the Ironton school district with 1,500 students (or “her babies as Scott calls them), Scott will be officially given the award at the Ohio Association of School Nurses event that will be held on 2-20-15 in Columbus, Ohio.

Scott has been the school nurse at Ironton for over 20 years. She first began working as a nurse for the school district as a volunteer when her daughter started kindergarten.

Over 60% of the district’s population comes from poor and impoverished families, leading to an increased role of the school nurse to be active in the overall healthcare for the children. Scott has tackled that mission head on for over 20 years with a smile on her face.

Do you know any school nurses that should be given an award? It can be one of the most rewarding nursing professions to be in.

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