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Austin Nursing Home Robbed For Prescription Medicine

Last Tuesday night, at around 8:00 at night, a nursing home in Austin, Texas was robbed at gunpoint. The robber’s intent: prescription medications, of course!

It has been reported that the unknown robber walked into the Monte Siesta Nursing and Rehabilitation at night, pulled a gun out and told two employees to open the locked prescription medicine cabinet. The employees stated that the aggressor was wearing a mask, but that he seemed to be in his 40’s, was white, 5’8″ tall, and weighed around 170 pounds.

prescription medicines stolenThe facility and police have not revealed what types of medicines were stolen from the nursing home. It is also unknown if any surveillance videos of the criminal were captured. The police are still searching for the suspect.

Austin police stated that this type of crime is rare in South Austin, but of course it is not uncommon at all nationally. Drug addicts often target medical facilities for drugs, and nursing homes with relaxed security measures are a prime target for many drug fiends and addicts.

Stolen prescription medications are very valuable on the streets. For instance, just one bottle of 60 OxyContins can be worth up to $6,000 on the streets.

Have you ever been robbed at a facility? Have you ever witnessed medicines being stolen? We would love to hear your personal experiences!


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  1. crack head bob

    Them crack heads will do anything to get a fix!

    BTW that drugstore cowboy movie is one of my favorites. thanks for the reminder.


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