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Best Bags For Nursing School Students

If you, or someone that you know, is a nursing school student (or is about to be one), it’s really important to find a nursing bag that is ideal for them. Why is that? Well, you will be carrying around about 100 pounds of books, notebooks, pens, paper, pencils, a calculator, scissors, a stethoscope, some snacks such as cookies to tide you over, Tylenol, and who knows what else will be in there! In other words, you need the best nursing bag that you can find, unless you plan on doing some weightlifting to bulk up!

We have already talked about a bunch of bags, and we will continue reviewing them when we can. Before we show some of the bags that we think are perfect for nurse students, you may want to look at these articles: cute bags, the best bags for 2015, and some gift ideas for students.

Now let’s get to the main point. In our opinion, the following reviews represent the perfect bags for nursing school students to use:


nursing images rolling carry all tote bag for nurse studentsNursing Images Rolling Carry All Tote Bag: Made by Olympia, this is one heavy duty bag that you can count on! At a price of only $39 on Amazon, it’s a steal. The base color is black and it has a bunch of cute medical symbols on it such as band-aids and scissors. It’s actually the same size as a carry on luggage, so there’s tons of room for all of your books, a laptop, and everything else you would ever want to put in it. Unless you are packing a cadaver, you will not run out of room. Most importantly, you can roll it! You could also lift it up with the small handle, but why in the world would you want to lift up a ton of bricks (books)? Instead of throwing everything into a heavy backpack, you can put everything into this bag and just roll it from class to class. The top of it zips and unzips, making it easy access. There are also several compartments to put your pens and small items in. It’s seriously amazing!


nurse mates pink camouflage nursing school bagNurse Mates Pink Camouflage Ultimate Nursing Bag: This one is made by Nurse Mates, a company that is well regarded for building superior goods for the medical field. Even though this one doesn’t roll like the one above, it’s just amazing! Every student in your class will be jealous when they see this bag. Of course every lady loves pink, but the camouflage design on this one just makes it an absolute eye catcher! You can probably find it at your local medical supply store, but you just can’t compete with buying it online. I found it on sale at Amazon for only around $40, whereas we found it in a brick and mortar store for nearly $100! The fabric is water resistant (your books won’t get wet) and stain resistant (you won’t look like a hobo). It has heavy duty zippers that won’t fall apart from trying to overfill it. It has a padded handle that you can use to carry it, or a long, padded shoulder strap to throw it over your shoulder. There are tons of compartments and zippers for you to hide all of your goodies, and it’s easily big enough to put a laptop and books in it. Our review: if you’re not going to get a bag that rolls, this is the best bag for nursing school students on the market!


We will continue to add to this list of the best bags for nursing school students when we can. In the meantime, make sure you register for our free bag giveaway drawing that is held at the end of every month. If you have any reviews or opinions on bags for students, we would love to hear from you. Just leave a comment in the box below.

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  1. C.M.

    I have a rolling bag similar to this one. I can confirm that it’s a life saver. My best advice is to either get a good rolling back or use a backpack.


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