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Conn. Hospital Rape Case

gonzalo floresIn Bridgeport, Connecticut, a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) has been accused of molesting at least three male patients at St. Vincent’s Medical Center. According to the Connecticut Post, the accused CNA is Gonzalo Flores, a 53 year old employee of the Catholic hospital for the last three years.

Flores has allegedly admitted to raping many male patients at the hospital. The first known victim was allegedly molested by Flores at the facility in March of 2013.

Martin Chalecki, the victim that first reported that he was molested by Flores, claimed that he was attacked while he was heavily sedated and unable to scream during the attack. Chalecki claims that the hospital staff did not take his complaint (reported on 2-15-14) seriously, and that Flores continued to work at the hospital until he was fired on 6-11-14.

The third known victim of Flores was a paralyzed patient that alleges to have been attacked, and then reported his complaint to local police on 6-11-14.

Flores was arrested on 7-8-14. Police continue their investigation to determine how many victims may exist.

This is obviously a very sad and upsetting situation. While 99.99% of nurses are doing good and helping those that trust their lives to them, there will always be those that are trying to cause harm. This exists in every profession. My question to you is how could the facility have prevented this, and what is the proper response from administration when a patient complains of abuse?



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One thought on “Conn. Hospital Rape Case

  1. Stacey

    What a disgusting creep! I hope they hang him.

    What can a hospital do to stop this? I don’t think they could do anything to stop creeps like him?


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