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Cute Nursing Bags For 2015

We recently talked about some of the best nurse bags in 2015, so I wanted to follow it up with a list of the cutest nursing bags in 2015. Being a guy, I’m obviously not the expert on this subject, so I begged my wife (Nurse Stacey, a night shift RN) to help me. She promised to pick the ones that she thought were really cute, and tell me what she thought about them, just as long as I did all of the writing. Without further ado, according to Stacey, here are some really cute nursing bags to consider buying in 2015, along with her review of each of them.


cute pink ultimate nursing bagPink Ultimate Medical Bag- We talked about this one before, but Stacey just loves it! Maybe she’s just giving me a hint for a future gift idea, but in her opinion this is the cutest bag for a nurse ever. She’s a big fan of anything, so of course this would be her first choice. It’s made by the Shoe Soft company. It sells for around $35 on Amazon, but Stacey said she saw the same one at a local uniform shop for $60 or so. It’s water resistant and made out of nylon. It has two handles: one for carrying and one to throw over your shoulder. The measurements are 13″ x 9″ x 14″. It also has a holder for a syringe and a key ring attached to it.There are tons of pockets and plenty of space to store all of your goodies like snacks to bring to work. Nurse Stacey’s final review: “Cutest nursing bag ever!” Enough said.


cute nurse stick tote bagMedical Stick Nurse Bag- We haven’t reviewed this one yet. It’s a tote bag for nurses that’s made by the Prestige company. At only around $11 on Amazon (we found it at a local store for $25), I’m a huge fan of it too! Instead of having a zipper there’s a small Velcro strip to close it. Compared to the Ultimate Medical Bag, it’s small (it’s a tote!), but it’s big enough to hold a folder, pens, and a few necessities. If you just want a little tote that you can carry on your shoulder that’s lite and simple, this is a great choice. Since it’s so cheap, it’s an easy gift to give a nurse too. The best part about it is the adorable cartoon nurse figure on it with a shot in her hand and a smile on her face. Nurse Stacey’s final review: “The little cartoon nurse with a needle is so cute! I want one!”




cute nurse compact carry caseLove and Believe Medical 745 Compact Carry Case- Since it’s just a carrying case, it’s not really a nursing bag, but Stacey said I have to include it because she wants one so bad. At just 6″ x 9″ it’s big enough to carry your scissors, pens, notes, makeup and a few things. If you need a bag to lug all of your work stuff around, this isn’t yours. If you want something cute that will hold a few things, Stacey says this is the one for you. It’s made by the Prestige company and is made with nylon. It has a zipper closure for the main pocket, and Velcro for the small side pocket. At only around $11 on Amazon, it’s just great. Nurse Stacey’s final review: “What a cute little bag with bright and fun colors!”

We will add on to this list throughout the year. If you have any reviews or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment. We would love to hear from you.

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