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Help Wanted: Obamacare & Guest Writers

help wanted signAttention all nurses: I need your help!

To officially announce the arrival of Hug Your Nurse, I will be issuing a press release next week to all of the major news media. The press release deals with nurses and their reactions to Obamacare. I have already interviewed quite a few nurses to get their opinions on the legislation, but I need a few more. If you are interested in sharing your opinions on the topic, I would really appreciate it. We can use your real name, if you wish, or we can use a pen name. It’s your call. If you have ever wanted to voice your opinion on a major topic that effects you, and to do so on a national level that will be carried by all of the national and international news outlets, here’s your chance. Your voice will be heard, and I will owe you a major favor.

I also need a few guest writers. I am looking for anyone that works in the healthcare industry to write a few articles for me. It can be on any subject that nurses are interested in. If you have ever wanted to be a writer that can say whatever you want to say, and to be read by thousands of people from around the world, this is a great opportunity. As the site is not commercial in nature, it will be on a voluntary basis. What I can offer you is credibility. a chance to build up your portfolio, and the ability to promote any cause of your choosing.

If you are interested in either of these opportunities, please please contact me asap. Thank you!

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George Tall works in the legal field, is a father of three, and a husband of a RN for 25 years. He enjoys writing about everything, especially nursing! He has been writing for a living, at least partially, since around 2000. As an author on dozens of websites, he enjoys being factual, while spinning a bit of humor where possible.
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