Fatu Kekula

Liberian That Saved Family From Ebola Finishing Nursing School In US

Fatu KekulaFatu Kekula, a 22 year old hero from Liberia, will be finishing her nursing school training in the United States, at Emory University in Atlanta Georgia.

What makes Kekula’s story so unique and inspirational is that she just saved almost her entire family from Ebola in the stricken West Africa nation.

Her father was the first to contract the disease when he went to the hospital for a high blood pressure condition. He was given the same bed as a former Ebola patient, and then he was sent back home to spread the disease to the rest of his family.

Kekula, who did not catch the Ebola virus, sought the help of doctors for her family of 4 that was infected. The doctors refused to help and warned Kekula to avoid them and stay away.

Instead of avoiding her family, Kekula went to work to save them, using her three years of nursing education in Liberia’s Cuttington University.She wore gloves, rubber boots, a cheap face mask and a trash bag over her head to care for them. She was able to help 3 out of the 4 of her family members recover from the disease. That 25% mortality rate (achieved by using rudimentary equipment) was overwhelmingly superior to the average mortality rate of 70%. She did all of this wearing a trash bag to protect herself from Ebola, over a two week period.

Kekula was not able to finish her nursing program in Africa due to the schools being shut down there because of the Ebola epidemic. She will pay for the estimated $40,000 bill to attend training in the US through generous donations from Americans. If you want to help this hero finishing her schooling, you can make a contribution to her campaign by clicking HERE. As of this writing, she is only about $6,000 from her goal.

Fatu Kekula is an inspiration. We applaud her!


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