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Maine CNA & Children Murdered By Boyfriend

garland maineAccording to a report by the Portland Press Herald, a Garland, Maine CNA and her two young children were allegedly murdered this past Sunday (12-21-14) by her live in boyfriend.

The Certified Nursing Assistant that died was the 36 year old Christina Ann Sargent. Her two children were Destiny Sargent (age 8) and Duwayne Coke (age 10).

The live in boyfriend that has been charged with three counts of murder in the case is Keith Coleman, a 27 year old with a star tattoo on his neck. He is currently being held at the Penobscot county jail.

Coleman has a conviction from 2010 for growing marijuana, but he has no violent convictions in Maine.

According to Karen Kane (the cousin of the deceased CNA), Coleman has been making threats of violence. According to Kane, Sargent has been trying to leave the relationship with her live in boyfriend for months.

The couple had been living together, along with the two young children and a roommate, since 2012.

A funeral date for Christina and her children has not been set.

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