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medical supplies for nursesA Hug Your Nurse we do our best to cover all of the medical supplies that nurses need. We will review them, write helpful articles on them, and hopefully help you save money on your supply needs. This site is a never ending work in progress, so please check back often for more information on the nurse supplies that you need.

With this page we want to have an easy link to all of the nursing supplies articles and reviews that we have, and some more useful information for you. Again, this page will be expanded upon regularly, so you may choose to bookmark it for future reference.

Please follow these links for the medical supply reviews and articles that you can find on Hug Your Nurse:

  • Smart BP Machine For iPhone– This is one of the most amazing gadgets that we have ever seen. You can use it with your smartphone to check your blood pressure. It keeps track of the measurements and can send a report to your doctor!
  • Digital Portable Breathalyzer– If you don’t have your own blood acolohol content tester yet, you really should get one. It can literally be a lifesaver.
  • Best Stethoscope For Nursing– You wear a scope around your neck all day! Maybe it’s time to find one that looks and sounds good? We review some of the best scopes on the market in 2015.

We cover many types of supplies for nurses including stethoscopes, blood pressure monitors, thermometers, wound care supplies, gloves, and much more. If there is a medical supply that nurses use and need more information on, we will do our best to cover it and give you our reviews.

Thank you again for visiting. We always appreciate your comments and feedback!

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