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Nurse Overseas Contracts

overseas nurseHow does a nurse get an overseas contract? We’ll break this down into several categories to give the best possible answers.

1: Requirements to work overseas

In addition to the standard nursing criteria required here in the United States, potential Overseas Nursing candidates must first apply for a visa in the country they wish to work in. In many cases the visas are obtained for the nurses via the hiring organization for which they work through.
Depending on the country, visa issuance can take anywhere from a couple of days to several months or more. So you should be prepared for the wait. Nurses will also need to provide proof of licensure in order to practice their profession in whatever country they decided to go to.

In some nations nurses will have to contact that nations nursing registration authority to learn what is required of them in order to work as a nurse in that country. They may have to undergo a series of tests, written and practical and obtain licensure from that nations nursing licensing authority. In other cases where countries that do not have an established nurse registration system, you will need to provide proof of your nursing licensure from the U.S.A. In most cases, they will honor your nursing license from the state in which it was issued, so it is of utmost importance that you maintain your American nursing registration. The same code of professional conduct which you are required to follow in the USA, must be followed while you work overseas. In addition to the above nursing documents, you must also have a valid Passport, and in some cases a Birth Certificate, letters of reference and school transcripts.

2: Language

Effective Communication is a key role in the provision of healthcare. You should acquire a basic working knowledge of the country where you will be working or want to work. That will allow you to be able to communicate not only with the patients, but hospital staff as well. Do not restrict your quest for an overseas job based solely on English speaking nations as there are healthcare organizations overseas that use English as their official language. Also, certain hospitals in the Middle East require that English be spoken among staff and all documentation be done in English as well. There are several good language tools to assist you with helping learn various languages, one being Rosetta stone.

3: Employers and Recruiters

Healthcare recruiters, or intermediaries, specialize in the recruitment and placement of healthcare professionals on behalf of employers. They help find qualified candidates for healthcare jobs. Recruiters help market and sell the job opportunity to healthcare professionals. The recruiter pre-qualifies the candidate based on their education, credentials, prior experience, and assists with coordinating the interview process. Typically the pre-qualification process involves reviewing many resumes and then phone interviewing the candidates who appear most qualified on paper. So it is important to maintain a very good resume and reference list.

Lists of the top International recruiting agencies are as follows: * Alda Professional Placement Services– assist with placement in various countries.

* ASMCI USA – assist with NCLEX, IELTS or TOEFL prep, no agency fees.

* Assignment America –affiliated with Cross Country, offers full service assistance.

* Avant Healthcare Professionals – Firms in the Philippines, Hong Kong, New Zealand, India and Poland.

* Bonacare USA  -full service agency specializing in recruiting nurses from Korea.

* Carex Global Recruitment – full service international agency, no agency fees.

* CBH Healthcare Recruiters – full service agency includes on the job training.

* Christine Paris Enterprises USA Inc – full service agency, placements also in Australia and UK.

*  Cirrus Global – Philippines based nurse recruiter, with an office in the US.

* CNERGI – offers reimbursement for immigration costs, no agency fees.

* Connetics Nursing – Based in San Diego, CA. Specialized in nurse recruitment within the U.S., Canada, Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand.

* DirectSource Healthcare – based in New Jersey.

* European Medical Staffing – full service agency, not limited to European RN recruitment.

* Global Healthcare Resources – full service agency, focuses on cultural transition program.

* GlobeMed Resources – reimburses cost of exams, immigration, & travel, focus on Indian RN.

* HCCA International – full service agency since 1973. Offers a full benefits package.

* Healthcare Resources International – assistance with immigration process and placement.

* HealthStar International –full service agency, over 450 nurses placed in the US.

* Institute of California Bilingual Medical Staffing – specializes in bilingual RNs from Mexico.

* International MedLink – full service agency, CGFNS required, unique Vanderbilt training.

* Job2Career – based in Miami, Fl. with offices in India and Dubai.

* Kennedy Healthcare Recruiting –full service international recruiting agency.

* Medliant – full service agency, reimbursement of immigration fees, travel, etc.

* O’Grady Peyton International –  full service agency, over 25 years of experience in recruiting.

* Pacific Link Healthcare – full service international recruiting agency since 1999.

* PPR Healthcare – agency with travel, permanent & international recruitment programs.

* RCM Health Care Services – full service international recruiting agency.

* RN India – full service international agency specializing in recruiting RNs from India.

* RYMEK – full service international agency specializing in recruiting RNs from the Philippines.

* Sentosa Recruitment Agency – direct hire for Sentosa Healthcare, full service agency.

* Stateside Nursing International – full service international recruitment agency since 1996.

* Wilson Staffing Network – agency with domestic & international recruitment programs.

* WorldWide HealthStaff Associates – full service international recruitment agency.

* Worldwide Resources Network, Inc  -full service international recruitment agency


4: Salary

Nurse abroad salaries vary widely and are rumored to be as good as or better than US salaries. There is very little factual data publicly available on overseas nursing salaries due in large part to the competitive nature of the job and employers and recruiting agencies. In addition to being commensurate with US salaries, the added incentives of signing bonus’s, per diem, free housing and other perks offered by overseas nursing employers typically boost the average annual salaries between an extra $20,000.00 and $40,000.00 per year. Employer paid airfare & transportation costs to and from are an added perk.


Do you have an overseas nursing contract? Interested in getting one? We would love to hear from you! Just leave a comment below.


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