laura morrow nurse stole pills

Nurse Steals Pills From Nursing Home Patients

laura morrow nurse stole pillsLaura Morrow, a nurse at the Green Meadows nursing home in Mount Washington, Kentucky, was sentenced today for stealing pills from her patients. She pled guilty to the charges and was today sentenced to a five year diversion program.

Nurse Morrow’s bosses suspected her behavior when she demanded that she pass out the medications alone, without anyone accompanying her. She had been working at the nursing home for only a week.

She forged the names of dozens of her coworkers to gain access to roughly 26 dosages of various narcotics. The stolen medications includes oxycontin, oxycodone, hydrocodone and other powerful narcotics that were prescribed.

Morrow accepted a plea deal months ago. During her five year probation she will be subject to random drug tests, along with other unknown restrictions.

The sentencing judge was quoted as saying, “What you did was horrible. You preyed on people who could not only not defend themselves, but you preyed on people who needed medication for their livelihood. And you took that away from them.”

Morrow allegedly responded by claiming that none of her patients were ever in any danger. She claims that she only stole extra pills.

Shame on you Laura Morrow from Mount Washington, Kentucky! Any healthcare worker that resorts to stealing and causing harm to those that need their help deserves a lot more than just a 5 year probation!

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4 thoughts on “Nurse Steals Pills From Nursing Home Patients

  1. Jimmy Charles

    How can she only get 5 years on probation? I don’t get it? If I stole pills I would be sitting in the jail house. Maybe she ratted?

  2. Aaron

    She must had had a hell of a lawyer.

    Junkies will do anything to get pills. It doesn’t matter if youre a nurse judge or whatever.

  3. Stephanie Cinclaire

    I don’t understand how the retirement home allowed it to happen? As soon as she said she had to pass out meds alone- fire! Seems pretty dumb on their part.


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