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Nursing School Gift Ideas For Students In 2015

If you know a student in nursing school (or a soon to be nursing school graduate), and you are looking for some ideas of gifts to get for them, let’s see what we can come up with. We have already discussed some of our favorite gift ideas (not to mention some cute nursing bags to consider), but let’s focus of gifts that you can get for your student nurse. In no particular order, and with the assistance of my wife in making the choices (Nurse Stacey), here’s a list of things to consider:

“I Can’t Keep Calm I’m In Nursing School” Pink T-Shirt

Price: Around $20 on Amazon

nursing student pink t shirt


Syringe Shot Ink Pens

Price: Around $3.50 for a dozen

syringe shot ink pens

Nursing Student Ceramic Travel Mug

Price: Around $20 online

nursing school student travel mug

“How To Survive Nursing School” Book

 Price:Around $27

how to survive nursing school book

“Keep Calm I’m A Nursing Student” Pink Sweatshirt

Price: Around $40 on Amazon

keep calm nursing hoodie sweatshirt

“I Have No Life I’m In Nursing School” License Plate Frame

 Price: Around $13 Online

i have no life nurse license plate frame

White Scrub Watch By Prestige

 Price: Around $10 Online

nurse white scrub watch

“Headed To Nursing School” Tote Bag

Price: Around $13

headed to nursing school tote bag

“Keep Calm I’m A Nursing Student” Red Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Price: Around $25 on Amazon

keep calm nursing student long sleeve t shirt

Nursing School Survivor Charm

Price: Around $15 On Amazon

nursing school survivor charm

“Treat Me With Kindness” Coffee Mug

Price: Around $11

student nurse coffee mug

The Secret To Nursing School Magnet

Price: Around $5

secret to nursing school magnet

Nurse Beaded Bracelet

Price: Around $9 on Amazon

nurse beaded bracelet

3M Littmann Stethescope

Price: Around $40 And Up

3m littmann stethescope

Nursing Brooch Lapel Pin

 Price: Around $10 on Amazon

nursing brooch lapel pin


Did you find a student or graduate gift idea that you like? We hope so! If not, don’t worry because we will continue to add to this list. If you have any other suggestions, reviews or ideas to offer, please feel free to leave a comment. We always like to hear from you!

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