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nursing uniformsIf you are looking for advice on buying new nursing uniforms, we want to do our best to help you at Hug Your Nurse. We are constantly reviewing medical scrubs and nurse uniforms to share with you. We want to become the go-to source for unbiased opinions and reviews on the best uniforms for nurses. If you are looking for information on shoes, please check out our nurse shoes page for links.

This page was designed to give you an easy way to find scrub reviews on our site. As we continue to review uniforms, we will place links here for you to follow to get more information. Please follow these links for the full details:


While you’re here, let’s talk about clothing that nurses wear such as pants, shirts, lab coats, jackets and more. Of course some employers (especially hospitals) give you very little choices to choose from, so you are pretty much stuck with buying exactly what they tell you to buy. In many cases though, you can still choose where you buy them from. We strongly recommend that you shop online for all of your uniform needs. Sites such as Amazon can regularly save you 50% off of retail store prices, and you can usually bundle your orders to get free shipping.

If you are looking for clothing such as pants, shirts, jackets, lab coats and others, it’s really important that you buy high quality clothing that will last. It’s always possible to buy cheap uniforms, but you will probably end up paying more in the long run because you are constantly having to replace them. If you are involved in a lot of physical activity at your work, such as bending down and getting in awkward positions, the last thing you need is to bend over and rip your pants in the middle of a shift. We highly recommend that you stick with quality products from quality manufacturers to prevent worn out clothing that breaks down in a matter of  few weeks.

If you are lucky enough to work for an employer that doesn’t have strict uniform requirements, there are some amazing new patterns and styles of uniforms to choose from. All the way from pink camouflage to Mickey Mouse prints, you can buy some of the cutest scrubs that will automatically put a smile on your patients’ faces, as well as yours.

Thank you again for visiting us. Please check back on a regular basis as we add more nursing uniform reviews and articles that will hopefully be useful for you. Feel free to leave a comment as well, as we love to hear your thoughts.


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