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Pauline Cafferkey In Critical Condition

pauline cafferkeyPauline Cafferkey, the British nurse that we recently reported on, is in critical condition. The next few hours may determine of she survives the Ebola disease.

Nurse Cafferky is Britain’s first Ebola patient that was diagnosed with the deadly virus within the kingdom. She contracted Ebola while serving as a volunteer in Sierra Leone (West Africa). She was diagnosed in England on 12-28-14. When she returned from West Africa to London by an airplane she was screened for a high temperature but none was detected. The following day she went for further testing and was diagnosed. The 39 year old British RN has been in the Royal Free hospital since being diagnosed.

The primary concern is that the experimental drug ZMapp, which is currently believed to be the best cure for Ebola, has run out and will not be available for a few weeks. ZMapp has also been used to treat 3 other healthcare workers with the virus, although it is unclear as to how effective it was with the virus.

She is now being treated with another antiviral experimental drug, along with the plasma from another Ebola survivor. The plasma from the former Ebola patient contains antibodies that are helpful.

All of the passengers on the flights that Cafferkey had taken have been contacted to warn them to check for high temperatures regularly. To date, none of them have been infected.

Nurse Cafferky’s condition has turned to critical. We are rooting for your recovery mam!



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