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Retired Nurse Quarantined In NY

ebola virusFrisicano, a 58 year old retired nurse, has been quarantined at her home in New York due to recent work in the Ebola torn nation of Liberia. The process is called “voluntary confinement”, and she will remain confined in her home for 21 days because she had direct contact with Ebola patients while she was in West Africa.

Frisicano was volunteering with the humanitarian group Heart To Heart International, and she was staffing an Ebola treatment unit. Heart To Heart is a non-government volunteer group that works on health concerns around the world. In Liberia, they are working to treat patients with Ebola, and to stop the spread of the deadly virus with their project termed “Operation Ebola”.

The retired nurse volunteer is the 7th or 8th person in NY to volunteer for the home quarantine program since the Ebola scare started in 2014. The only confirmed case of Ebola infection in New York to date was a doctor that was treating patients in West Africa, who has since recovered completely.

What do you think about this voluntary home quarantine program? Are we making sure that Ebola does not get a foothold in the US with it, or are we making it too difficult for nurses and medical personnel to work in the Ebola stricken zones in Africa?

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