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Review: Minnie Mouse Pink Scrub Top

disney pink minnie mouse scrub topNurse Stacey (my wife) is absolutely addicted to anything Disney, especially Mickey and Minnie, so this is the perfect scrub shirt for our first uniform review.

The item is the Pink Disney Scrub Top that is manufactured by Cherokee. You can buy this cute pink scrub shirt online at Amazon for around $20-$25. The item number is 6732C. Out of 47 reviews it has 4.5 stars (very good!).

It is made out of poly-cotton, and matching bottoms are available for it. You can also match this top scrub with a solid black bottom, as the sides of the shirt are black. The primary color is pink, and it has black colored side panels. It is highly recommended for pediatrics nurses simply because the Minnie Mouse patterns all over it will put a smile on your young patients’ faces!

The inserts on the sides are “stretchy”, so it has a lot of give-and-take in it. In other words, when you bend to pick something up it will give a bit instead of trying to stop you. You can reach over your head to get something and this top will not try to restrict you. It is really comfortable for this reason.

It also has two large pockets that have plenty of room to store your pens, pencils, notes and other supplies.

If you want a really cute Disney scrub top that is adorable, bright, fun and truly comfortable, I can’t imagine a better choice that this one. I agree with all of the other reviewers that this is at least a 4.5 out of 5 star scrub.



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10 thoughts on “Review: Minnie Mouse Pink Scrub Top

    1. Lew Etheridge

      It doesn’t fade fast if that’s what you’re asking. I wash mine just like all of my scrubs. Been having one for maybe 6 months and it still looks fine.


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