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Review: Tweety Bird Scrub Top

tweety bird scrub top shirtIf you are dealing with young patients, or young at heart, these Tweety Bird scrub tops are absolutely perfect for you. I may even like these scrubs better than the Minnie Mouse ones that we last reviewed.

You can purchase these online at sites such as Amazon. The price is anywhere from $19 to $25, and I would call that a bargain considering how well made and colorful these are.

The manufacturer is Cherokee, and the item # on Amazon is 6732C. They are made from a polyester/cotton fabric, and they have stretchy side panels. The base color is black and there are pictures of Tweety Bird (the lovable cartoon character) all over it. There are also various sayings on it such as “love and peace”, “tweet me wight”, and “my heart’s all a twitter”. It also has peace signs and flowers on it.

This scrub shirt is so cute, colorful, fun, cute and amazing! Your patients will be smiling, and your coworkers will be insanely jealous. You can match it with different color bottom, but I would say that black bottoms would make the most sense.

As with the Disney Minnie Mouse top, this one also lets you bend over and reach above your head without being restricted. It’s really comfortable and giving, which is a huge plus if you are active at work.

Out of all of the reviews online, this one has gotten almost all 5 starts out of 5, and rightfully so. Our final review of the Tweety Bird top is just go buy it! We love it!

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