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Rochester Nurse Steals From Elderly Patients

shanna guzmanShanna Guzman, a nurse in Rochester, New York, admitted to stealing from elderly patients today in court. She has been charged with larceny.

Guzman admitted to stealing patients’ credit cards while they were being treated at her facility. She then forged their names while using the credit cards to spend at least $2,000 worth of goods and services, according to TWC News. She used the credit cards at various liquor stores and the Seabreeze Amusement Park.

While she will not be sentenced until early next year, the nurse is expected to receive three years of probation, repayment to her victims, community service, and to complete an elderly mistreatment program.

Shame on you Shanna Guzman! I’m not sure how anyone can look into the mirror after stealing from the elderly.

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