Smart Blood Pressure Monitor For iPhone Withings review

Review: Smart Blood Pressure Monitor For iPhone

Smart Blood Pressure Monitor For iPhone Withings reviewAll nurses are practically obsessed with measuring blood pressures, and rightfully so. Those that work in the trauma units know all too well the effects of a high blood pressure (heart attacks). As technology progresses, and the whole world becomes connected in just about every possible way, the next big wave is already here- smart blood pressure monitors that can monitor your pressure with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The technology behind it is simply amazing! Hopefully, with this review we will be able to fully explain it to you.

Before we go any further, let me point out that there is another smart blood pressure model for the Apple and Android smart phones, but we will focus on that one in another article.

Since nurses tend to be interested in technology that merges with healthcare, we wanted to review the Smart Blood Pressure Monitor by Withings. It is literally the first monitor that was designed to be used with the iPhone. At around $188 on Amazon, it’s not cheap, but the price is justified by the design and what it is capable of doing.


Before we discuss what it can do, let’s talk about some product specifics and requirements:

  • The blood pressure accuracy is within 2%.
  • The heart rate accuracy is within 5%.
  • The cuff circumference is 9″ to 17″.
  • It has an automatic inflation and a controlled release.
  • Your iPhone must me a model 3GS or newer.
  • If you are using an iPad, it must be an iPad 2 or newer.
  • To use it with an iPod Touch, you must have the 4th generation or newer.
  • Requires a minimum of IOS 6.
  • Approved by the FDA as a Class II device.
  • The box comes with the monitor, batteries that are installed and a manual.


So how does this Smart Blood Pressure Monitor work, and what will it do?

  • You connect the cuff to your iPhone (or other device) with an adapter.
  • Using the free app, you start the device with your phone.
  • With one gesture it takes the reading.
  • Your results are displayed and stored on your iPhone.
  • You can review historical readings for comparison.
  • You can send the information directly to your doctor!
  • You can sync the results with other health apps.


Did you read that? You can actually send the results directly to your doctor! Instead of logging all of your measurements on paper for weeks, and then bringing those to the doctor, you simply take the measurement, the phone records it, and all of the information is sent to your doctor for analysis. That is space age technology!

Taking a quick look at the reviews for the  Smart Blood Pressure Monitor by Withings at Amazon, it has an overall 4 star review, with roughly 300 out of 500 reviews being 5 stars. Most reviewers said that it is fast, easy to use, and has made their self monitoring so much easier. We want one badly, and will probably add it to our list of nurse gift ideas asap!

As soon as I get one and try it myself I will come back to this page to give my final review. Until then, if you have tried this product and would like to share your opinion, we would love to hear from you! Simply leave us a comment in the box below.


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  1. Todd

    Man that is really cool. I had no idea a bp machine could plug into your phone like this. Has anyone here ever bought one?


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