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The Funny Things That Nurses Hear

funny nurse cartoon personLiving with a Registered Nurse that works night shifts, I have heard my fair share of funny stories that nurses hear from patients, doctors and their coworkers. My wife isn’t the only one sharing stories around me. In my job (the legal field), I am often working at hospitals, nursing homes, and hospice facilities. I have directly heard some of the funniest things being told to nurses, and it’s one of my favorite questions to ask healthcare workers.

In sharing these stories, it’s not my intent to get anyone in trouble, so I will not use the nurses’ names. Rest assured though that all of these quotes are true and not exaggerated. With that in mind, here are some of the funniest things that nurses have heard, as directly heard by me, or told to me by nurses:


1- I was giving a drug seeking patient his regular Dilaudid  IV push. He was notorious for calling the administrators and complaining that the staff was stealing his medicine and not giving him anything. He was one of those that begged you to push it faster so he could get a buzz. So one night I was giving him his medicine. As soon as it went through his head tilted and he was out. Not one minute later his head popped back up, he looked around the room frantically and asked, “Why won’t you give me my medicine? Did you steal it again?”


2- An elderly (72 years old) lady came into our emergency room complaining that her “baby” was stuck. O course none of us believed her at first, but she had an amazing story. She gave us the name of her doctor, said that she has been visiting her OBGYN regularly for the last 6 months, and that her baby was due in 2 weeks. She explained that her baby had been kicking in the morning but had stopped once the labor pains had begun. She said that she was stuck in her house without a phone and that the baby’s daddy had been at work all day. She said that she was in labor for hours and that she could feel the baby pushing it’s way out, but it was stuck. We rushed her into the trauma room where the doctor in charge could examine her. Of course this created a huge stir. We were about to witness a 72 year old woman give birth to a baby! Without going into graphic details, an enema later and the constipation relieved, the “baby” was born. But the baby photos were not fit for framing!


We will add more funny stories from nurses as time goes on. If you have any good ones to add, we would love to hear from you. Just leave a comment in the box below.

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