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Top 20 Nurse Gift Ideas

nurse watches giftsJust like the rest of us, nurses love gifts! After speaking to many nurses, and asking all of them what type of gifts would they appreciate the most, I came up with this top 20 nurse gift ideas list.

Like all top 10/20 lists, you could debate it. Some may see some gifts that they could care less about, and some don’t see the presents that they think should be included. And so it is with any list.

If you have a nurse in your life, and you are thinking about getting them a nursing gift for some special occasion (think Nurses Day, Christmas, their birthday, etc.), here is a pretty dang good list to choose from:


  1. A brand new nursing bag! My wife never goes to work without her bag. In fact, she has several bags and often swaps them out for different days/weeks. It’s a great place to stash all of your supplies, reading materials, snacks, etc.
  2. A bunch of writing pens! Have you noticed that they really love their pens? They spend nearly half of their shifts charting and writing. Having the perfect pen that feels good in your hand and writes well puts a smile on any nurse’s face. Instead of picking just one or two, why not buy a whole selection for them?
  3. Some new nurse shoes! They may stand on their feet for 12 hours a shift. When the shoes get old and worn out, it makes the shift that much more difficult.
  4. A magazine subscription! While you’re at it, how about a bunch of magazine subscriptions? You may want to consider some popular gossip magazines like People, Soap Opera Digest, The Enquirer, etc. You could also get them a trade magazine such as the American Journal of Nursing or the Minority Nurse Magazine. You can see a list of some nurse magazines that we reviewed here.
  5. A new stethoscope! They get old and worn out over time. Every healthcare worker can appreciate a new one. You can buy a cheap one for as little as $9, or a really fancy new electronic stethoscope for around $700.
  6. A nurse license plate frame! You know those license plate frames that go around the license plate, right? There are a bunch of them that are made just for nurses.
  7. Some new scrubs! Scrubs get worn out pretty quickly when you have just a few of them to wear every day. Nobody is going to complain about a new set of scrubs. If the facility allows it, there are tons of modern design scrubs with patterns that are incredibly artistic.
  8. A coffee mug! If your works the night shift, there’s a pretty good chance that they drink a lot of coffee to stay away. A nurse coffee mug is the perfect gift.
  9. Some books! There is a pretty good chance that yours has some down time when they can do anything that they want to do, as long as they stay within an earshot of the call lights. They would love to have some new books to be quietly entertained.
  10. An iPad! Maybe they can’t use the hospital computer to check in on Facebook, but if they had their own iPad tucked in their bag they could browse the internet all night (between dealing with their patients, of course).
  11. A lunch box! Maybe they work at a facility that doesn’t have a cafeteria. Maybe they just don’t like the hospital’s food! A new lunch box will give them the perfect way to bring food to work while discretely tucking it into their bag.
  12. A new umbrella! Many hospital parking lots (especially at large city hospitals) are a mile away from the entrance. When it’s raining outside, having a slick, new umbrella to keep you dry can be a godsend. Think about getting one that folds up really small so that they can always have it in their bag.
  13. Some lotion! After standing up on their feet for more than half a day, what nurse is going to be disappointed with some lotion? If you want to go all out, offer to rub her feet when she gets home with the lotion.
  14. A nurse phone cover! We are on our cell phone all day every day. Unless you want it to break, you have to get a cover. How about gifting a phone cover just for nurses?
  15. A bouquet of flowers! Nothing says “I Love You” more than flowers, except for diamonds maybe. If you want to thank your nurse, giving them flowers can be the perfect touch.
  16. A nice bottle of wine! Long shift? How about a glass of wine, or maybe a whole bottle!
  17. Some jewelry! No woman is going to frown after getting some new jewelry. Think about a bracelet, necklace, ring, etc.
  18. A new watch! Would you believe that they are now making nurse watches? This is my personal favorite gift idea.
  19. A nurse teddy bear! Who doesn’t love a teddy bear? A nurse teddy, dressed in a nursing outfit, is a great gift.
  20. A Nurse Jackie DVD collection! If you haven’t seen the Nurse Jackie TV show, you’re missing out. If the nurse in your life has never seen it, getting her the entire series on DVD is perfect!

So now you have at least 20 ideas of gifts that you can buy for your nurse on any special occasion. Is there something on this list that interests you, or is there anything that should be added to it? We would love to hear your ideas.

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