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Veteran Attacked At Nursing Home

robert broganA Marine veteran was attacked at a state run nursing home for veterans in Queens New York. Robert Brogan was injured in two instances that occurred on 9-21-14 and 11-24-14. The 87 year old patient suffered slashes or cuts on his head and arms. The injuries required a total of 23 stitches.

According to an article on the subject in the New York Post, the victim suffers from dementia, and the nursing home was unable to explain his injuries. The slashes on his head and arms appeared to be defensive wounds.

The New York Attorney General’s office is investigating the state run facility. According to the NY Post, the facility has been covering potential problems with the nursing home before being investigated by removing metal clothes hangers and replacing them with plastic ones.

Of course this is sad. Nobody wants to hear about elderly dementia patients being attacked, and of course we don’t want to hear that the staff doesn’t know what happened to him. Then again, I can probably safely assume that since it is a state run home for veterans, their budget isn’t large enough for sufficient staffing and supervision. How can we hold the nurses and staff responsible for everything if they don’t eceive enough funds to have enough staff on hand? It’s a common theme that is being played out at virtually every government run nursing home across the facility.

What are your thoughts on this? Should we be upset about a system that results in inadequate staffing for the elderly, or is this not the issue in this case?

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