we're moving on up

We’re Moving On Up!

we're moving on upI just wanted to take a few moments to share the status of Hug Your Nurse, make sure that everyone knows about our giveaway, update you on the status of the forums, and to thank everyone for all of their help.

As this site that is built for you (nurses) just passed it’s one month anniversary (yes, we’re a baby), we also broke past 100 articles on the site. As of this writing, we are actually up to 113 pages of content online! That’s pretty dang good for a newbie site, and I can promise you that a lot of work has gone into it. We’re gearing up in a big way over the coming months. We have signed up two new writers that will be helping a lot, and we have a press release that should be running by next week to announce our “grand opening”.

We always take requests for what nurses want to read about, so I hope that you continue to give us feedback on what you think we should talk about. So far, the response has been phenomenal! I have received so many emails and comments from nurses all over the world. I am truly honored. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I hope that most of you know that we are running a monthly promotion that everyone can enter. If you are not familiar with it, please FOLLOW THIS LINK TO REGISTER. We are giving a free nursing bag (the ultimate nursing bag!) away at the end of every month. All you have to do to register is follow that link to the Free Nursing Bag page. Just leave a comment on it, located at the bottom of the page. Then just share the page on any social platform such as Face Book, Google +, Twitter, etc. At the end of the month we are randomly drawing one name. That lucky person wins the bag. If you weren’t lucky on that drawing, your name remains in the pool for the next drawing. Our first winner will be announced on January 31, 2015!

Now about the forums…. it has been a pain in the butt! We had almost everything working just fine on them. We even had quite a few of you that were having fun on them. Then we had a major problem and had to temporarily take them down. I have been working behind the scenes every day to have it fixed, and it looks like we will be ready to re-launch the forums next week. I can’t promise that, but it’s looking very good to do so.

Once again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for supporting Hug Your Nurse! If I can ever return the favor, please get in touch with me through the Contact page, or by leaving a comment/message anywhere on the site. Thank you!

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George Tall works in the legal field, is a father of three, and a husband of a RN for 25 years. He enjoys writing about everything, especially nursing! He has been writing for a living, at least partially, since around 2000. As an author on dozens of websites, he enjoys being factual, while spinning a bit of humor where possible.
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